Dr. Natour Book Cover

By Dr Ehsan Natour

When Life Comes to a Standstill:

The Surgeon Who Touches the Hearts of His Patients

Whether having been a patient or a loved one, Dr Ehsan Natour’s book encompasses every stage of the patient process, from diagnosis to recovery. Creating a virtual tour to spread awareness on what a typical healthcare process looks like and to support changes to the system, to better the lives of all patients.

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Internationally renowned heart surgeon

Dr Ehsan Natour

Dr Ehsan Natour is an internationally recognized heart surgeon who grew up in Israel. After completing his medical studies in 2007, he went off to work in Maastricht and Aachen, where he is currently working today. He is the co-founder of the Dutch foundation Stilgezet, which supports patients and their relatives through numerous activities and art projects – with the aim of initiating sustainable change in our “sick health system”. stilgezet.nl

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